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Why is the Idaho public school board considering offering gun safety classes to students?



With all the prevalence of gun violence in America, the importance of gun safety is becoming an important focus of discussion.

The Idaho public school board has taken this discussion one step further as they propose the introduction of gun safety classes as an elective for high school students.

The school board has drafted proposal HB 240 where local law enforcement, firearms associations, and fish and game departments can work to create classes to help students understand how to properly operate a firearm.

“Even if kids don’t have guns in their home, there’s a significant chance they will encounter them in the homes of their friends or in other situations. Teaching them the proper dangers and cautions will help keep them and their friends safe. Many gun safety programs also teach about active shooter situations and what to do. This is valuable training for when and if such a horrible incident might occur in Idaho,” said state representative Ron Nate.


Proposal HB 240 would not ask the school to provide any money from the programs offered, so the potential for the House Education Committee to approve the proposal is still a possibility.

Is Idaho’s plans to introduce gun safety into schools a step forward or a step back?

Source: American Military News 



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