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Twitter’s CEO shares 2 secrets to get hired by any top tech company



“Nobody gets a job clicking a button”, says Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. When discussing how Google gets a whopping 1 million job applications a year, Costolo expressed how simply applying for a job may no longer cut it when it comes to scoring a position at a top tier company.

When it companies to the big tech companies today, there are really two ways of getting hired. The first one pretty much relies on being an engineer, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to get hired by big tech companies (which we will cover later).

Being a talented engineer is a major way to make it into the tech field and land a job at one of the industry giants. Today, it goes much deeper than having a strong educational background and being able to produce high quality coding and useful algorithms.

Source: LinkedIn

The true trait a good engineer requires is the ability to think laterally and solve abstract problems that they may have never encountered before. At the end of the day, talented coders will become a dime a dozen, but the ability to solve novel problems is the mindset that will land you the job of your dreams if you are looking to get into the tech industry.

On the other hand, if you are not an engineer, your way into a big tech giant is mostly your ability to bring creative solutions or ideas to a company. Parallel with the notion that good coders are a dime a dozen, people that can repeat them motions are unremarkable. The true way of making you way up the company ladder is to bring creative and exciting ideas to the table.


Source: LinkedIn





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