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The difference between a student who fails and a student who succeeds



“In education, the one thing we know how to measure is IQ”, says Angela Lee, a psychologist who studies the habits that make students successful. In her studies across primary schools and universities, Angela discovered that it wasn’t just IQ that determines success.

It was grit.

Grit is defined as “the passion and perseverance to achieve long term goals”. In short, grit can be defined as passion and perseverance. Grit is also stamina. Grit is the ability to not only work tirelessly, but work tenaciously to achieve your goals and accomplish your tasks. It is crucial for any form of success in life, especially in school.

A few years ago, Angela studied grit across Chicago public schools, and gave out a “grit questionnaire” to thousands of students. Her findings were astonishing.

“It turns out that grittier kids were much more likely to graduate.”

When kids were matched family income, test scores, and overall safety, the results remained the same: the kids that were “grittier” were more successful.

Angela has a great suggestion for building grit in kids, and it’s called growth mindset, which is the ability to to learn is not fixed, but rather, it can be changed with your effort. The brain grows the more it responds to challenges, so that constant mindset of growth and overcoming obstacles is critical to success. However, this is only possible with grit, a quality all of us should have.




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