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Technology1 week ago

Why are all rich millennials moving to Agrihoods?

The idea of moving to a big cushy home in a nice city may have been the dream for previous...

Technology2 weeks ago

Rare brain scans finally reveal what dogs are really thinking

Today, dogs can be found in over 50% of American households. With this massive number of Americans sharing their homes...

Education2 weeks ago

Shocking study reveals why Americans need more sleep

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released a recent study explaining one of the nation’s biggest public health...

Technology2 weeks ago

Why Steve Jobs never let his kids use an iPad

Steve Jobs may have been the face of Apple, but his own kids never had an iPad growing up. When...

Technology2 weeks ago

China is creating the world’s largest solar farm. Here’s why it’ll change the world.

China has become notorious for the increasing and near uninhabitable pollution that cloaks the air. In fact, Beijing has a...

Education2 weeks ago

Something 100x faster than Wi-Fi will be in your homes sooner than you think

If you have not heard of Li-Fi already, you are missing out on the future of communication. Using visible light...

Technology3 weeks ago

Elon Musk’s is reinventing air travel with SpaceX. Here’s how it’ll change the world.

Elon Musk is already seen as one of the greatest innovators in American history, but his most recent press statement...

Education3 weeks ago

Why this teacher made exercise mandatory in her class

When one North Carolina elementary school counselor was reading his book while working out on a stationary bike at his...

Education3 weeks ago

A map of the hardest college to get into in every state

Most people regard Harvard University or Stanford University would be the hardest colleges to be accepted to in their respective...

Technology3 weeks ago

Bill Gates made these 3 predictions back in 1999. Here’s how accurate he was.

Bill Gates was always an entrepreneur and innovator because he knew what the future of technology would hold. Understanding what...

Education3 weeks ago

Twitter’s CEO shares 2 secrets to get hired by any top tech company

“Nobody gets a job clicking a button”, says Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. When discussing how Google gets a whopping 1...

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