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Politics2 days ago

Who was the better United States president?

Was Donald Trump or Barack Obama the better United States president? The first candidate to reach 1,000 votes wins!

Society4 days ago

Take our 2nd Amendment Quiz!

For those of you who would like to know more about and all things history especially about the constitution then...

Society1 week ago

These foreigners described their impression of present day America. Do you agree with them?

With the rollercoaster of emotions America has faced since the 2015 campaigning for Presidency, the world’s impression of our great...

Education2 weeks ago

Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth explains why everything students think they know about success is wrong

“In our talent-obsessed culture, talent has been studied and is well understood. Perseverance? Not so much.” says renowned psychologist Angela...

Advice2 months ago

3 important lessons I learned from my internship

Internships are a large learning curve for undergraduate students. But they are also a good start to set you up...

Politics2 months ago

Gun violence in the United States is so bad, Europe is now making satirical videos about us

In a Dutch late night show, host Arjen Lubach aired a satirical video making fun of the constantly worsening gun...

Education2 months ago

Research shows how people spending money on experiences rather than material possessions are happier

There is a reason the phrase “retail therapy” exists. The instant gratification of buying yourself a new gadget or an...

Politics2 months ago

Remember that 16-year-old who threw the best party ever in Melbourne? Well this is how he turned out 10 years later.

Corey Worthington may not be known to most people by that name, but his sunglasses were definitely famous. The Melbourne,...

Education2 months ago

How to search for job opportunities (3 steps)

You’re finally a senior and graduation is just around the corner. The feeling of having no more group work, midterms...

Education2 months ago

How to handle your first job after graduating college

After finishing 4 years of college, it’s time to enter the professional world and to start your career.¬†Congratulations, you are...

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