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Why Steve Jobs never let his kids use an iPad



Steve Jobs may have been the face of Apple, but his own kids never had an iPad growing up.

When it came to presenting the iPad to the world, Steve Jobs was quick to stress the potential for the tablet to become an incredible platform for spreading educational tools and services. Of course, the iPad’s capabilities far exceeded that, and it became an easy options for surfing doing practically anything you wanted.

Which begs the question, if Steve Jobs believed in the iPad’s potential to be a powerful tool for learning, why did he forbid his own family from using the device?


Source: MacRumors

“Actually we don’t allow the iPad in the home. We think it’s too dangerous for them in effect,” Jobs said in an interview with New York University professor Adam Alter, author of “Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked“.

The iPad’s ability to access almost anything online with a new level of ease and speed was as much of a problem as it was a revolutionary piece of technology.

Of course, this all seems null and void when we look at the constantly evolving smartphone, which not only provides almost all the functionality of iPads, but also seems to be increasing in size with almost every new release.

Source: MacRumors

This begs the question, would Steve Jobs have prevented his own family from using the new iPhones given the massive changes seen in their design today?





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