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Why are all rich millennials moving to Agrihoods?



The idea of moving to a big cushy home in a nice city may have been the dream for previous generations of hardworking Americans, but today, rich millennials are packing their bags and rushing to reserve spots at Agrihoods all over the states.

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Agrihood may be an ear catching name, but it simply stands for agricultural neighborhood. These locations provide essentially what you would expect out of something called an Agrihood, and that is a agriculture-centered housing community with features like outdoor community kitchens, greenhouses, and carefully managed crops aimed to appeal to a younger, richer audience.

With the massive focus on healthy eating and living in this millennial generation, something like an Agrihood would be a major hit, for those who can afford it that is. Houses can range from about $400,000 to over a million, depending on how specialized or large the house will be.

Source: Business Insider

Of course, these costs come with some incredibly benefits. Community run gardens will ensure fresh fruits and vegetables for almost every meal, while integrated solar paneling and rolling green fields provide a healthy, environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Paul Habibi, a UCLA professor of real estate, described Agrihoods as the epitome of “confluence of economic profits, environmental good, and social benefit.” As such, these neighborhoods are a hot commodity amongst the wealthy millennials in the market for a place to raise a family.

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With this boom in demand for Agrihoods, these neighborhoods may just become a version of the golf communities the previous generation aspired to live in.


Source: Business Insider





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