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Meet this university student who lives in her van to save money



This is Hannah, a first-year Marine Biology student at university. Before attending school, Hannah spent her time in France and Ireland, traveling through Europe and figuring out exactly what she wanted to do. When she decided to attend university, she realized she couldn’t afford to pay rent and have her own spending money. That’s when she decided to live in a van to save money.

Hannah lives in a converted Renault Master van. Although she doesn’t live in the biggest van, Hannah makes the most of the space inside of it. To separate the space between where she sleeps and drives, Hannah made her own custom curtain to put in between, adding hangers for her backpack, accessories, etc.

Hannah used her mother’s old dresser as a way to build in a sink and built kitchen compartments.

To cook and warm food for supper, Hannah installed a chimney system inside the van. She has to regularly check on it to make sure the chimney isn’t too old nor doesn’t overheat.

There are many more additions that Hannah made to her van in order to make it feel just like home. It’s a testament to how creative this young lady is! This also shows that her, like any college student, can make the most of her situation and have fun while doing so.

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