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Listening to this song can reduce your anxiety levels by over 65%



The massive impact of sound therapy on stress and anxiety have been well known for a long time. In fact, playlists of songs specifically intended to relieve stress are easily found and often used.

A group of UK based scientists took these principles to the next level and created one song that maximizes stress relief.

Conducting a study using puzzles to measure stress using an assortment of sensors, the researchers recorded physiological markers including heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure before and after playing the song.

Using a survey following the study, the researched recorded a whopping 65% reduction in stress and anxiety levels in the participants as well as a 35% reduction in negative physiological markers.

The song that produced these incredible results is called Weightless, and it was composed by Marconi Union.

The tremendous effects on stress reductions associated with the song make sense though, as Marconi Union actually worked with sound therapists to to select rhythms, harmonies, and bass lines that help reduce the heart rate of listeners.

Scientists observed the song Weightless was so relaxing that some participants in the study actually became drowsy, so this may not be the best song to listen to on your drive home from work!


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