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How to search for job opportunities (3 steps)



You’re finally a senior and graduation is just around the corner. The feeling of having no more group work, midterms and finals is going to be (bitter)sweet. But you will have a few months left to start searching for a job.

For many of you new graduates, there is a lot to worry about where to start and how to apply for a job. No fear grads! Based on my experiences, here are a few things that I have learned on how to effectively search for job opportunities.


Network. Network. Network.

By the time you’re searching for a job, hopefully you have built a good network of contacts over the years. This is a great time to tap into your network to help you find a job. But if you have not started a network of contacts, start now rather than later.

Classmates: Throughout college, you should have made a good amount of connections with your classmates, whether it be through a college club, sports, or other organizations. Contact your classmates through social media, email, or even in person. You’d be surprised, but people are willing to help you along the way to find a job and give you great advice! All you have to do is ask.

College Alumnus: It is encouraged that all alumni members keep in touch with their fellow classmates to provide help or share important information. If your college has a website that offers a platform for college alumni to keep in touch, using that website is a great way to reach out for job opportunities.

Friends, relatives, neighbors, social groups: They are also the best resources to help you find a job. Many of them will have there own network and you can hand in your resume to their company or someone that they know in the company you want to work at.


Directly contact a recruiter (via LinkedIn)

A great way to apply for a job is to directly find a recruiter and personally email them your resume. A good way to find that recruiter is through Linkedln. Linkedln is a great professional and job search site. If there is a particular company you want to work for, look for all the recruiters from a specific company and reach out to them.

Use job search sites

Monster, Linkedln, Indeed, or CareerBuilders are great sites to search for a job. These job sites have a huge number of members, such as professional employees, employers and headhunter. Make the habit to apply 10 jobs every day and by the time it’s 5 months you will have applied over 1,500 job positions.

Good luck!



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