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Why Boeing and GoFly are paying $2 million to whoever perfects the jetpack



While most of the world expects the next big form of transportation to come in the form of flying cars, Boeing has teamed up with company GoFly to host a competition with a hefty 2 million dollars reward.

What do Boeing and GoFly expect the winner of this 2 million dollar bounty to produce? A fully functional jetpack.

The two companies have set a timeline for two years, allowing people to try and create a functional jetpack before an ultimate “final fly-off” where the technologies will be revealed and tested.

Source: Engadget

To help drive this program forward, major aviation companies like Boeing and DARPA are offering to mentor and guide designers as they try and prove they have created a technology worth 2 million dollars.

The “final fly-off” will test jetpacks entered in the competition based on whether or not they can safely carry a person 20 miles without having to recharge or refuel. These jetpacks must also have vertical takeoff and landing to be considered in the competition.

You can register for this competition on GoFly Prize until April 4th, 2018 for your shot at the 2 million dollar reward!


Source: Engadget





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