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Elon Musk’s is reinventing air travel with SpaceX. Here’s how it’ll change the world.



Elon Musk is already seen as one of the greatest innovators in American history, but his most recent press statement during a space industry conference on September 29th revealed incredibly exciting news that may change the airline industry forever.

Revealing SpaceX production plans for rockets similar to those traveling to Mars, Musk explained how this technology could easily be utilized to provide city-to-city travel for the same cost of standard airlines but in a fraction of the time.

Musk claims the use of rockets for commercial flights would allow a person to go anywhere in the world in under an hour.

Although still theoretical, Musk plans to begin production of these rockets for testing within the next six to eight months. That being said, his statements during the space industry conference mean he likely has serious plans for this project to enter initial testing.

Musk showed how using these rockets, passengers could board a rocket on a launching pad in New York, which would then be shot into Earth’s atmosphere at around 18,000 mph, and then slowly orient itself to land on a launching pad in London.

Source: Business Insider

This whole process from New York to London would only take 29 minutes. If the promises Musk has made regarding competitive pricing with standard airlines, this use of rocket travel could truly revolutionize how people travel.


Source: The Verge





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