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Comedian brilliantly explains why people run to social media after a tragedy



Comedian Anthony Jeselnik talks about how people run to their social media right after a tragedy and make it about themselves.

In one of Jeselnik’s specials “Thoughts & Prayers”, the comedian justifies why he makes humorous remarks on Twitter soon after a national tragedy. It’s been a common trend in this day and age: when something horrific happens, people post about it on social media. These people post sympathetic remarks, change their profile pictures to include the national flag of the country where the horrific incident occurred, and post a second or even third sympathetic remark. However, this occurrence occurs too often, and Jeselnik believes there’s a deeper reason behind why this happens.

“People post on social media and make it about themselves,” Jeselnik says.

Jeselnik explains that the reason why people post on social media after a tragedy is so that “people don’t forget about (them)”.

Although it’s a joke, there’s some underlying truth to what Jeselnik says, and it’s been met with criticism from many comedians.

Nonetheless, his remarks have made headlines after the tragedy that struck Las Vegas just days earlier.

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