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Change these 5 habits and you’ll sleep much, much better



Having a good night’s sleep is critical to how we’ll be the next day. Whether we’re going to work, going to class to take an exam, or going on a run in the local neighborhood, sleep is necessary to be successful at each. But sometimes we struggle to fall asleep, let alone sleep well. Here are 5 habits that might be making it harder for you to fall asleep.

1) There is too much light in your room.

Melatonin, the hormone released by the pineal gland to induce sleepiness, is not produced in large enough levels when light is present, preventing you from sleeping easily. Turning off or turning down your bedroom lights will do the trick.

2) Eating too much protein before you sleep.

Eating lots of protein before bed will cause your body to exhaust a lot of energy as your digestive system tries to process it, and it is an especially bad combination when you are trying to fall asleep. There’s all the time in a day to eat protein, just not at night.

3) Working out an hour or two before you go to bed.

Working out within a three hour span of going to bed will make it much harder to sleep, a direct result of the overactive metabolic effects that come with exercising. If you really need to work out, save your energy and work out the next morning.

4) Smoking tobacco before sleeping.

Smoking tobacco before you go to bed will prevent you from falling asleep, due to the stimulant nicotine. Even if you fall asleep, the stimulation will likely result in poor sleep quality, causing you to wake up more often during the night. So avoid smoking cigarettes, tobacco, and even “hitting the hookah” before bedtime.

5) Turning on the heater in your bedroom.

Having a warm room may feel great when you are trying to fall asleep, but a higher temperature isn’t recommended. As the body begins to sleep, it naturally tries to cool down, which is harder when the room is already hot. Either turn the heater off, or turn the air conditioning on.

Fix these habits and you’ll be sure to sleep much faster and much better!





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