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Bill Maher explains why Donald Trump won the election



On the day after the election on November 9th, Bill Maher, host of Real Time With Bill Maher, brought together a panel of political analysts on both the liberal and conservative side of the political spectrum. The panel consisted of a CNN political commentator and New York Times journalist, along with a C-list celebrity comedian. With both liberals and conservatives at the debate table, there were contrasting opinions on both sides about the election.

In the middle of the debate, one panel member asks Bill Maher: “Do you think that it’s liberal faults (that Donald Trump won)?” Bill Maher states that yes, liberals are at fault for losing the election for the Democratic Party. He responds with what is the main reason, if not, the reason liberals allowed Donald Trump to win the election:

“One is political correctness, because liberals are outrageous with their political correctness, and it drives people away.”

In a political and cultural climate that hasn’t exactly allowed people to comfortably express their opinions simply due to the fear of being politically incorrect, an outsider like Donald Trump was able to win the votes of those very people. Bill Maher makes the best case for it.

To decide for yourself, check out the video below!





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