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A ‘Shark Tank’ judge reveals the one thing entrepreneurs should do to be successful



Robert Herjavec, an entrepreneur and popular “Shark Tank” investor, revealed the one thing entrepreneurs do that will always catch his attention.

Robert formerly invested in Tipsy Elves, an ugly Christmas-sweater company. The one thing that Tipsy Elves’ co-founders did to catch his attention and win him over was that the co-founders entertained.

“Investors are tired, they’re cold, they’re hungry. They hear boring pitches all the time. You have to entertain me.

Robert stresses the importance of energy, because if entrepreneurs have a lot of energy, they appear more confident and are more likely to entertain, which stands out to every investor.

Watch the Tipsy Elves presentation that won Robert over:

Although the presentation was goofy (to say the least), the co-founders of Tipsy Elves had great energy, and won over the judges, especially Robert! Lastly, the “Shark Tank” investor had one important to say.

“One of the worst things an entrepreneur can do in a pitch is appear bored. If a founder is excited, an investor will be ready to listen.”



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