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Rare brain scans finally reveal what dogs are really thinking



Today, dogs can be found in over 50% of American households. With this massive number of Americans sharing their homes with dogs, questions regarding what those dogs are thinking have always been around in abundance.

Scientists studying dog cognition at Emory University created a system to effectively and safely use MRI machines to help measure the dog’s response to the smells of various dogs and people, including strangers as well as individuals familiar to the dog.

The scientists discovered the “reward center” of the dogs was activated when familiar individuals, like the dog’s owner, were sensed.

Source: BBC

In fact, the dog’s would consistently give more attention and greater response towards human scents. These findings essentially showed that dogs do in fact regard their owners or people close to them as their family.

Continuing with insights into the mind of dogs, the Eotvos Lorand University studied how dogs processed human voices and sounds as well as the sound of barks.

They ended up discovering how dogs and humans actually process the emotion in a sound or word very similarly, meaning the tone of voices is actually perceived similarly in both humans and dogs.

All this begs to ask the question, do dogs understand what humans are saying more than we once thought?


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