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5 things on Elon Musk’s resume that you should also have on your resume



Having a concise yet descriptive resume is the key to being a strong applicant for any job. The resume is generally the first look a potential employer has at what you can bring to the table, meaning you need to be able to sell yourself quickly and effectively to have a shot at impressing whoever may be reading it. Elon Musk’s resume is one of the most impressive resumes we’ve seen yet, but not just for what he’s accomplished on his resume, but for how he’s formatted his resume. Here are 5 things on Elon Musk’s resume that you should also have on your resume.

1) Include a profile picture. 

When you hand over your resume to a job recruiter at a career fair, chances are that job recruiter will not remember who you are by simply looking at your resume. When you send your resume to a company online, that company has no idea exactly who you are. Having a profile picture on your resume is great to have so that companies and job recruiters will recognize your resume over other applicant’s. If you have a great, professional picture at the top of your resume, you’ll look much more presentable as an applicant.

2) Include your mission statement.

It’s very important to mention your intentions as a future employee, because it helps companies recognize at first glance, what you are trying to gain by working for them. If your intentions suite the mission of the company you are applying to, the chances of receiving a job offer will be greater.

3) List your interests.

What are your main interests in your personal and professional career? Listing out a few of your favorite interests will make your resume unique, because your interests are unlike any other applicant’s. Be specific about the interests you have.

4) Include a color theme. 

Having the right color template will make your resume look more attractive to readers. Don’t add so many different, contrasting colors; that will make your resume look unprofessional. Add an additional 1-2 complimentary colors of your choice.

5) Rank your skills and competences.

Simply listing your skills and competences isn’t specific enough for companies to know exactly what your capabilities are. Do you have an equal ability for all the skills you have on your resume? If not, simply ranking your skills and competences gives companies a much better idea of who you are as an applicant and potential employee in the future.

Consider these 5 things the next time you want to change up your resume! Take a second look at Elon Musk’s resume below.





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