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3 reasons why any internship is as important as your full-time job



For those who are currently looking for internships or looking for full-time jobs or even both, it’s important to hold the two to the same value. Although full-time jobs may pay more than internships (most of the time), internships may have a larger payout in the later years of your career. Because of this, it’s important to hold both an internship and a full-time job to the same value. For most college students who are looking for internships, you don’t need to hesitate about whether the internship falls in the same path as your major. College students have the freedom to choose whatever kind of internship they would like the most as well.

Here are 3 reasons why any internship is as important as your full-time job:

1) You’re able to gain early experience in your work career.

You shouldn’t expect yourself to know now exactly what you want to do in the future. Most people don’t know until they have job experience. But an internship is your initial job experience, so it gives you a great idea into what you may or may not like. The earlier the experience the better, because then you can a head-start in figuring out what you want to work as full-time.

2) If you are a great intern, companies will want you back.

Internships are generally only a few months, which means you have a small window of opportunity to make a great impression and perform well. Have a great attitude, be on-time for everything, and ask questions. It doesn’t hurt to ask what you don’t know, because you’re new to the company. So great internship will build the company’s trust in you as an employee, more so that the company will want you back for a full-time position.

3) There’s less expectation.

As an intern, you’ll probably be doing more learning than performing, since you’re new. That means you have a lot more to learn, in which employees are willing to help and teach you about the company and what to expect. Because of that, there’s less expectation, which means there’s more room to over-achieve as an intern, which will almost always guarantee you a full-time job offer.

Ever wonder what the best internship ever could look like it? Watch the video below!





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